Lívsins vatn

Lívsins vatn


IWSC 2010 Silver Medal

A pure and mild Taffel Aquavit

Lívsins Vatn is a mild Nordic Taffel Aquavit made from water from an ancient Faroese spring believed to hold healing powers. The pure Faroese spring water together with Faroese herbs, triple distillation and single wheat grain origin makes Lívsins Vatn an astonishing experience. A pure and mild Taffel Aquavit based on old Nordic traditions.

The front label silhouette pictures the medieval Faroese chain dance where legends are shared through “kvæðir” (ballads). A tradition held high in most of Europe until banned by the church due to its pagan resemblance. The ban never reached the Faroe Islands. “Lívsins Vatn” is Faroese for “Vitae Aqua” or in English “Water of Life”.

Lívsins Vatn has only once participated in a blind taste competition winning a silver medal at the IWSC in 2010