IWSC 2012 Bronze Medal SPOT   HKWSC 2011 Bronze Medal

Strongest Aquavit in the World

The Aquavit HAVIÐ with its 50%vol is the strongest Aquavit in the world. The high content of alcohol is supported by carefully selected herbs and the truly unique water from a Faroese spring believed to hold healing powers. The result is a remarkably rich and classic taste covering all senses and leaving a pleasant and long lasting aftertaste.

  HAVIÐ was recently blind tested with other Aquavits by a panel of people devoted to traditional Taffel Aquavit. With an average score of 9 on a 1-10 scale HAVIÐ became the undisputed winner.

  The Faroese word HAVIÐ has two meanings. Most commonly meaning “the ocean” and nowadays more rarely referring to a very heavy stone that people in the past used to lift to show strength. Such a stone is pictured on the front label.
HAVIÐ has participated in blind taste competitions twice winning a bronze medal at the Hong Kong IWSC in 2011 and a bronze medal at the IWSC in 2012.